YePTX5V2 PTX-5 Garage Door Remote Replacement 433.92MHz
  • YePTX5V2 PTX-5 Garage Door Remote Replacement 433.92MHzYePTX5V2 PTX-5 Garage Door Remote Replacement 433.92MHz

YePTX5V2 PTX-5 Garage Door Remote Replacement 433.92MHz

YePTX5V2 PTX-5 Garage Door Remote Replacement 433.92MHz inoenderana nePTX5 PTX5V1 PTX2 GDO 6, GDO 7, GDO8, GDO9, GDO11.

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Product Description

For PTX5V2 PTX-5 Garage Door Remote Replacement 433.92MHz

1.Product Introduction

For PTX5V2 PTX-5 Garage Door Remote Replacement 433.92mhz.

PTX5V2 Compatible List

GDO 6, GDO 7, GDO8, GDO9, GDO11

2.Product Specification

Decoder IC

Rolling Code



Operating voltage

12v A27 (Free battery included)

Transmit distance

25-50m in open space


3.Product Application

Sliding gate remote control

Auto gate remote control

Sliding door remote control

Rolling door remote control


4.Programming instruction

Programming a remote via the motor/receiver

1. Some garage motors have a plastic cover which covers the buttons, please remove this cover.

2. Press and hold the blue Door Code button on the motor or the SW1 or SW2 button on the receiver board (do not let go of this button).

3. Press the new remote’s button which you would like to use to control the door for two seconds.

4. Release the button on the new remote and for two seconds. Press the same button on the remote again for two seconds.

5. Release the Door Code or SW button from the motor/receiver.

6. Press the new remote button to test operation of the door.


5.Deleting all remotes from the motor

1. Turn the power off to the motor from the power socket.

2. Press and hold the Door Code or SW1 button on the motor.

3. Turn the power back on, whilst still holding the Door Code button. The Door Code LED will illuminate after a few seconds to indicate the memory has been cleared.

4. Release the Door Code button and test your remote to ensure it has been deleted and it should not operate the door.


6.Programming a new remote to a gate via original remote

1. Stand within 1-2 meters of your gates control board.

2. Press the button on your original remote to either open/close the gate.

3. Immediately after door begins to move, insert a pin into the center coding hole of the original remote located in the center of the four buttons. The LED light of the remote will illuminate when successfully pressed and ensure the light is illuminated for at least 2 seconds.

4. Remove the pin from the original remote.

5. On the new remote push and hold the new button you wish to operate the gate for 2 seconds.

6. Release the button for two seconds.

7. Push the same button again on the new remote for 2 seconds.

8. Wait 10-15 seconds and test the new remote

7.. Details Images


Q1. Do you provide OEM?

Sure,welcome OEM and DEM


Q2. Which market do you focus on?

We do global market. Every market is important to us.


Q3. How can you guarantee the quality in mass production?

Our original materials will be inspected strictly before mass production and our QC will follow up the quality accordingly in the process of production. Before out of factory, we totally have more than 6 times strictly checking


Q4. Can i have a sample before order

Sure. Welcome sample order!


Q5. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

We are professional in garage door remote , alarm remote , mobile remote ,car remote and receiver ,control board. over 200 brands remote we can supply . For Car, for garage door, for swimming door, for roller door...

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